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Welcome to the Ranger Cafe, where cashier is just as bitter as your coffee! Yes, honey costs extra(you have no idea how many times we get asked that). Every 5 drinks gets you a free pony ride or a sixth coffee for free.

oh, and we’re probably gonna spell your name wrong

and don’t forget to tip the lute "it’s a mandola!!" player on your way out!

Happy National Ranger and Coffee day!

Awwww yeah





Two people, one in a plaid shirt and short brown hair, and another in a black shirt and long blonde hair sitting on the end of a wooden dock, at sunset, over an apparently man-made lake (its rather small looking). the sun…

I’m gonna jump in on this and say that (at least in my case) saying something like “that doesn’t mean I can’t fall in love” isn’t me trying to reassure someone that I’m “normal.” It’s me trying to explain my sexuality to someone because it gets really annoying when people decide on their own definition of asexuality and argue with me about it.

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